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Architecture and Development
Winter 1998 (AI 6.4)

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Front cover: "The Carpeted Road" by Faig Gambarov (1968- ) oil on canvas, 1997. The artist says: "I am trying to transfer my love for the city in which I was born and raised. The charm of the 'Inner City' (Ichari Shahar) is my inspiration as it has stood the test of centuries. As a painter, I exist between the old and the contemporary. I want to make a revolution with my brush and palette. Studio: (99-412) 76-26-66; Home: 32-93-30.

Back cover: The doors and entrances of Baku's residences, especially those dating to the Oil Baron period (1885-1920) are rare works of art. It's rare to find two alike. They symbolize Eastern affinity for ornament and intricacy.

Special Features in this issue - For the first time in the history of our magazine, we include the Azeri Latin on the WEB. Check out the article, "Sociolinguistically Speaking - Saying Hello in Azeri." Azeri is in red as spoken in the Republic and in green as spoken in Iran.

7 Contributors

8 Reader's Forum

10 1999 Holiday Calendar

11 Editorial: Architecture & Development - Betty Blair

12 Presidential Inauguration - Mazahir Panahov and Eldar Azizov

14 Baku Diary: Unexpected Gifts - Jonelle Glosch

17 Quotable Quotes

"Mashadi Ibad,"New Music Comedy Theater Opens - A. Bahadori

22 Mashadi Ibad (Azeri in Latin Script) - Translated by Jala Garibova

24 The Metamorphosis of Architecture and Urban Development in Azerbaijan - Pirouz Khanlou

29 Oil Barons - Fuad Akhundov, F. Miralayev, S. Fatullayev, J. Garibova

44 Interview with Elbey Gasimzade, Chief Architect of Baku 

46 Mikayil Useynov - The Soviet Period of Architecture in Azerbaijan - Ilham Aliyev, President of Architect's Union

49 New Legislation to Protect Azerbaijani Architecture - Nigar Alakbarova

50 Alish Lambaranski: The Architectural Face of Modern Baku - Azad Sharifov

52 UN Perspective: The Nagorno-Karabakh Question - Yashar T. Aliyev

54 U.S. Ban on Aid to Azerbaijan (Section 907) - Ambassador John J. Maresca

56 Sociolinguistically Speaking: Saying "Hello" in Azeri - Jala Garibova and Betty Blair

60 Azerbaijan on the Internet - Jean Patterson

64 Pennzoil Renovates TB Sanatorium

66 Just for Kids: The ABCs of Baku - Anne Kressler

69 History Won't Forget - Tabriz Opera House - Pirouz Khanlou (Azeri in Arabic Script)

70 Business & Opportunities

72 New Faces/New Places

73 Relations With France

75 SOCAR: Current Developments, Facing the Future - Natig Aliyev

79 Amoco Targets Youth: Special Olymics, Shah Daniz Refurbishes Bibi Heybat School

80 SOCAR:Where We Stand Now - Ilham Aliyev

83 SOCAR Contracts: Frontera Resources, JAPEX (85)

86 Pipeline to Jeyhan: The Turkish Perspective - Nihat Gokyigit

89 Humanitarian Developments - Exxon, Unocal

90 Ramco: Restoring the Glory of a Century Old Residence

93 AIOC: Current Developments - Tamam Bayatly

Azerbaijan International (6.4) Winter 1998.
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