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Summer 1998 (AI 6.2)

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Front cover: Many journeys have taken place through this land which over millennia has served as crossroads between east and west, north and south. Rasim Babayev painted this camel in a series commemorating his mother. In 1914, as a child of 12, she accompanied her father on Haji (Mecca). The journey on camelback took two years. Oil, 120 cm x 108 cm, 1998. Babayev's studio: (99-412) 38-22-87.

Back cover: Stained glass windows are one of the major features of the 18th century Palace of the Shahs in Shaki. This traditional craft called "shabaka" is distinguished by the use of handcrafted pieces of wood which fit so precisely together that no nails are needed. Visit the studio where "shabaka" are being crafted next to the Palace in Shaki.

6 Reader's Forum

11 Editorial

12 Baku Diary: Journey to the East - Susan Cornnell

16 Travel Tips for Azerbaijan

Getting a Visa for Azerbaijan

20 Walking Tour: Baku's Old City - Fuad Akhundov

28 Shaki - Azad Sharifov

36 Ancient Gabala - Gara Ahmadov

38 Ancient Petroglyphs of Gobustan - Nigar Abbaszade

42 Basgal and Lahij - Caucasus Villages

46 The Mountain Jews of Guba - Inga Saffron

48 Centenarians of Azerbaijan's Lerik Region - Stephen Kinzer

50 Khinalig: Linguists' Dream, Invaders' Nightmare - Gulnara Mehmandarova

52 Shusha: Heartbeat of Karabakh - Jamil Alibeyli

55 Diplomatic Series: Karabakh, The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict - Vafa Guluzade

56 When Geography Separates the Poor from the Rich - Paul Goble

57 Quotable Quotes

58 Media Watch: Caspian Oil Reserves - Adil Baguirov

59 Prizes Honor Azerbaijanis: Bahram Askarov and Farhad Azima

60 Great Moments in Azeri Soccer - Agshin Kazimzade

65 SOCAR Section: Interview with Natig Aliyev

68 Last Thoughts: Interview with Ken Bradley, President of UNOCAL

Socar Section: AIOC 77, Karabakh 79, Shah Daniz 81, Dan Ulduzu and Ashrafi 83, Lankaran-Talysh 85, Yalama / D-222 87, Absheron 89, Oguz 91, Nakhchivan 93

98 1998 Bilingual Resource Directory of International Companies in Azerbaijan

114 Diplomatic Directory: Embassies in Baku

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