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Winter of Disbelief
(AI 2.1) Spring 1994

Front Cover: Interior of a refugee tent drenched by the afternoon sunlight. Imishli Camp.
Photo: Susan Cornnell

Back Cover: Artist's perception of refugees by Gaiyur Yunus

Because of the war with Armenians over Nagorno-Karabakh, a region inside the territory of Azerbaijan, 1 million Azerbaijanis have been forced to flee their homes, villages, communities, schools and work places.

Check out the "Self-Portraits" that Azerbaijanis took of themselves to share with the world about their life in tent camps, railroad box cars, and improvised shelters made of reeds next to roads and highways.

2 Reader's Forum

4 Editorial

5 Baku Diary: Life Goes On Despite the War: Wedding at a Refugee Camp - Susan Cornnell

10 1993 in Review - Habib Azarsina

12 Interview: Secretary of State, Dr. Lala Shovkat Hajiyeva - Betty Blair

14 When Words Fail: The Notion of "Refugee" and the Theory of Translation - Galib Mammadov

16 Hospitals in Baku: Empty Shelves, Barren Closets, Compassionate Doctors - Margaret D. Fox

17 When the Bread Runs Out - Svetlana Krasnova

18 The Economic Scene: New Labels-Old Deficits & Shortages - S. Turyalay

20 We Used to be Friends - Svetlana Turyalay

22 International Assistance: Where is it Coming From? - Susan Cornnell

24 Why Tents Now - Bill Frelick

25 Self Portraits: Introduction - Betty Blair

28 Letter to Editor - Gultakin Shakaraliyeva

32 Fleeing, poem - Rafael Huseinov, photo - Oleg Litvin

36 The Nakhchivan Connection - Ambassador-at-Large, Ramiz Abutalibov

37 The 500th Anniversary of Fizuli - Abulfazl Bahadori

38 Diary of Javad Mirjavadov: Metamorphosis of an Artist English (38-39), Azeri Latin (40-41).

42 History of Azerbaijani Publications in Southern Azerbaijan (Part 4) - Dr. Hassan Javadi and Abulfazl Bahadori

40 The Spirit of Baku, 1993 - Dr. Tadeusz Swietochowski

46 Reconsidering the Freedom Support Act - US Senator DeConcini

47 Newsweek: When the Victim Becomes the Bully (Armenia) - Steve Levine, US Grant Assistance to NIS (1992-1993); Freedom Support Act: What is it?

48 Azerbaijan's Representative at UN Refutes Armenian Claims - Yashar Aliyev, Chargés d'Affaires

49 Voices of Disbelief: Refugees Tell Their Own Stories

50 New York Times: Ambassadors from Armenia (Shougarian), Azerbaijan (Pashayev) and Turkey (Kandemir)

53 Azerbaijan's Presidential Election: Was it Fair and Democratic - J.Rousselier

54 Language Update
Turkish Language Conference about Languages of Former Soviet
Turkish Republics - Dr. András Bodrogligeti

55 US-Azerbaijan (Pennzoil-SOCAR) Joint Gas Conservation Project - Paul Justice

56 Education - Mud Vocanoes Researched by British Petroleum

58 Opportunities

60 1993 Calendar of National Holidays; Comparison with Soviet Calendar

62 Azerbaijan Directory

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