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Spirit of Discovery
Spring 2003 (11.1)

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6 Contributors

8 Readers' Forum

10 Editorial: The Spirit of Discovery - Betty Blair

12 Newsmakers

Baku's Philarmonic to Re-open
New Jewish Synagogue Opens in Baku
Gara Garayev's 85th Jubilee - Aida Huseinova
Best Race Horse of the Year: A Horse Named "Azeri" - Jay Hovdey
Musical Discoveries - The Scores of Garayev and Niyazi - Alla Bayramova
Azerbaijani Youth Attend Soccer Game in Wales

ASA Youth Awards 2003

20 25 Years Ago: Heyerdahl Burns Reed Ship Named Tigris - Blair, Storfjell

22 Who are the Turkmen: Azeris in Iraq - Gazanfar Pashayev

24 Turkmen Proverbs: Words of Wisdom for Life - Gazanfar Pashayev

26 Photo Essay: The Spirit of Novruz

32 Kish Church: Carbon Dating Reveals its True Age - Bjornar Storfjell

33 About the Kish Church Reconstruction Project

40 Early Man in Azerbaijan: Ancient Stones Speak - Gallahger and Islamov

48 Farid Alakbarov: Researching Baku's Medical Manuscripts - Patterson

54 Shostakovich's Tenth Symphony: The Azerbaijan Link - Aida Huseinova

Melodic Signatures in Shostakovich's 10th Symphony
Dmitri Shostakovich, Composer

60 Sociolinguistically Speaking - Part 15: Rearing Children - Garibova and Blair

63 Poems, Riddle, Tongue Twisters for Children - Aynura Huseinova

64 Business and Opportunities

66 New Faces, New Places

68 Exxon Azerbaijan to Inaugurate New Oil Rig

72 BP Developments: First Pipe for BTC Pipeline Arrives in Baku - Bayatly

74 BTC Section: Pipeline Construction Begins

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