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Legacy of Music
Winter 1997 (AI 5.4)

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Front Cover: The legacy of music in Azerbaijan can be traced back thousands of years. Our cover features the"chang," one of the earliest stringed instruments known in the region. Musicologist Majnun Karimov of Baku's Music Academy recently reconstructed this "chang" based on miniature paintings and medieval poetry (see article on page 28).

Fazila Vazirova, 22, has been playing the "chang" with the Ensemble of Ancient Instrument since 1995. At age six, she began studying violin, but when she was 11, she fell in love with the harp and has been studying it ever since. Fazila graduated from Baku's Academy of Music in 1997. Her costume is based on miniature paintings from the 14th century. The background of the cover is from a miniature painting, featuring medieval musical instruments and based on Nizami's famous poem, "The Seven Beauties."

Back Cover: The joy of folk dancing in Baku. Photo courtesy: British Petroleum, Oleg Litvin.

6 Reader's Forum

11 Editorial - Betty Blair

12 Baku Diary Music in the Air, Everywhere - Susan Cornnell

17 Jubilee: Five Years of Azerbaijan International. President Aliyev's Speech

20 Diplomatic Interview - Italian Ambassador, Alessandro Fallavollita

23 Quotable Quotes

25 Opera "Leyli and Majnun" - 90th Jubilee - Ramazan Khalilov

26 Hajibeyov His Real Genius - Arif Malikov

28 Reconstruction of Azerbaijan's Medieval Instruments - Jean Patterson

32 Ancients Hypotheses From Early Azeri Scholars - Zemfira Safarova

34 Shovkat Mammadova The First Azerbaijani Woman on Stage - Fuad Akhundov

38 Famous Musical Families of Azerbaijan - Farah Aliyeva

46 Niyazi The Maestro - Azad Sharifov (Azeri in Latin Script, page 44)

50 Just for Kids "Jujalarim"

54 Fikrat Amirov Folk Melodies and Symphonic Masterpieces - Jala Garibova

58 Rashid Behbudov With a Song in His Heart - Azad Sharifov

62 Music Buildings: Photo Quiz

65 Organ Music in Azerbaijan -Tahira Yakubova

66 Hossein Alizadeh Personal Reflections on Playing Tar

Hossein Alizadeh Personal Reflections on Playing Tar - Translated by Abol Bahadori (Azeri Arabic Script)

Opera in Azerbaijan - Azer Rezayev

72 Vagif Mustafazade The Emergence of Jazz - Vagif Samadoglu

76 New Faces/New Places (See Services - International Company are Updated there)

78 Business & Opportunities

84 Azerbaijan's Primal Music Norwegians Find "The Land We Came From"­ Steinar Opheim

87 SOCAR Section - Natig Aliyev

90 SOCAR Section LUKoil Contract for Prospect D-222

92 SOCAR Section Journey into the Future - Ilham Aliyev

94 AIOC First Oil from Chirag-1 - Peter Ryalls

99 NAOC Current Developments - Tom Klockenbrink

Azerbaijan International (5.4) Winter 1997.
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