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Refugees Revisited
Spring 1997 (AI 5.1)

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Front Cover: The greatest tragedy for hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani refugee children is that they are growing up in poverty, deprived of a secure childhood and even a chance to become educated. Photo: Elnur Babayev.

Back Cover: "Novruz" which literally means "New Year" marks the arrive of Spring on March 20 or 21, depending on the year. It is an ancient tradition celebrated in Azerbaijan and the neighboring countries. In good times or bad, Novruz provides continuity between the happy memories of the past and the great hopes for the future. Photo: Farid Khayrulin.

Reader's Forum

9 Editorial - Falling Through the Cracks: Azerbaijan's Refugee Children

11 Azerbaijan's Refugees: What the World Should Know - President Heydar Aliyev

Baku Diary: Among Baku's Refugees - Caleb Daniloff

Quotable Quotes

18 Photo Essay: Flight

20 Photo Essay: Settling In: The Early Days

22 Photo Essay: Everyday Realities

25 Refugees in Azerbaijan 1997 (Population Map)

30 Azerbaijan's Refugee Camps: Four Years and Counting

39 Diplomatic Interview: Vafa Guluzade - Elmira Amrahgizi and Betty Blair

SOCAR Section: Press Conference with Ilham Aliyev (SOCAR) and Terry Adams (AIOC)

48 AIOC Current Developments - Tamam Bayatly

The 97 Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition: Interview with Susan Crouch - Betty Blair

Baku's Old Mill: Industrial Landmark Takes on New Life - Augustine Hope

Exile of the Meskheti Turks: Still Homesick Half a Century Later - Caleb Daniloff

Self-Portraits: Refugees Portray Their Own World. Introduction - Betty Blair

Just for Kids: GlobaLearn Expedition Retraces Marco Polo's Footsteps in Cyberspace - Laurel Deck

Relief Agencies in Azerbaijan - Laurel Deck

Aid to Armenia - Washington Post Editorial (March 1, 1997)

It's Time to Forget the "Former Soviet Union" - Paul Goble

The "Great Game" in Play in Azerbaijan - S. Rob Sobhani

86 Business & Opportunities

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature: Mirza Hasan Rushdia: "The Alphabet of Progress" - Abulfazl Bahadori (Azeri in Arabic Script)

Einstein was a Refugee - Jean Patterson (Azeri in Latin Script-page 94)

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