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Contemporary Literature
Spring 1996 (AI 4.1)

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 "Ali & Nino" by Kurban Said
in 37 Languages - Book Covers

Front Cover: The Nizami Literature Museum in Baku with three of the six statues which are dedicated to literary giants. From left to right, Poet Vagif (18th century), playwright Akhunzade (middle and late 19th century) and poetess Natavan (mid 19th century). Photo: Oleg Litvin.

Back Cover: The Children's Jujalarim center performing in the narrow lanes of the old Inner City (Ichari Shahar) in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital. Photo courtesy of BP and Statoil Alliance.

During the Soviet period, poets and writers were limited in what they could publish. Now with independence, there are other restrictions, such as economic restraints, major shift in language, transition to a new alphabet, and changes in readers' interests.

Nevertheless, Azerbaijanis are finding a new voice and a new criteria for evaluating and writing literature. Several poems and short stories are published here in English for the first time. Read about the struggles of getting published during the Soviet period in
"New Literary Voices."

2 Reader's Forum

4 Editorial: Contemporary Literature

6 Baku Diary: Know a Man, Know His Poetry - Susan Cornnell

Literary Monuments of Baku - Fuad Akhundov

New Literary Voices: Sabir Ahmadli - Jala Garibova

Short Story: "Voice from the Sea" - Sabir Ahmadli (Azeri 18)

Samad Vurgun, Father & Poet: 90th Jubilee - Vagif Samadoglu

Hossein Javid: The Night Father Was Arrested - Turan Javid

Literary Criticism: New Look at Soviet Works - K. Talibzade

Legacy of the Oil Barons: Ashurbeyovs (Part 5) - Fuad Akhundov

38 SOCAR Section

Karabakh-2nd Major Oil Contract

SOCAR Current Trends & Developments - Valeh Alasgarov

Entrepreneurship of LUKoil

AIOC: Current Developments - Einar Bergh

New Tenders Announced by SOCAR - Vitaly Baylarbayov

52 Forging a Lasting Peace: Interview with J. Maresca - Betty Blair

Diplomatic Interview: Azerbaijan's Ambassador to US - H. Pashayev

Short Story: "Anket Anketov," Satire on Bureaucratic Practices - Mir Jalal

German Business in Azerbaijan - Michael Schmunk, German Ambassador

Investing for the 21st Century: Is Azerbaijan the Place? -Betty Blair

Short Story: "Solitude" - Zeydulla Aghayev

Short Story: "My Dying World" - Ismayil Shikhli

Russia's Foreign Policy Towards Azerbaijan: Money vs. Might - Elmiri Amraqizi

Loopholes & Democracy: Diplomat Looks at US Policy - G. Mammad

Azerbaijani Writers and the Progressive Literature of Iran: Yahya Arianpour - Ali Azeri

British Secretary of State Visit - Tom Young, British Ambassador

Scottish Firms - "Getting the Message" about Azerbaijan - Nigel Ross

78 Business & Opportunities

Literary Transitions: No More "Russian Language Trampoline" - Shaig Safarov

Announcing the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce

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