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Leisure & Play
Autumn 1995 (AI 3.3)

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Front cover: Children at play on the state monument that commemorates the 26 Baku Commissariats (now Sahil Gardens) who were responsible for organizing the Soviet takeover of Baku in 1920. During the Soviet period, no one was allowed close to the guarded statue. Most of Lenin's statues in Azerbaijan have been dismantled. Today the kids climb all over it. Photo: Olege Litvin. Computer Graphics, Maziar Mahjoobi.

Back cover: A child's perception of pigeons by Grisha Ivanov, 8. Pigeons are dearly loved and traditionally have been kept for centuries as pets. See story on page 28.

What people do in their leisure time provides insight into their personalities and values. Despite how difficult life can be from an economic point of view, Azerbaijanis still take time out for chess, stamp collecting, music, raising pigeons and much more.

Read about Garry Kasparov, who grew up in Baku, and who has held the World Champion Chess Player for the past ten years. Also check out photos of American pianist Van Cliburn, winner of the first Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 1958, who performed in Baku in 1960.

2 Reader's Forum

6 Editorial

8 Baku Diary: Leisure & Play, Continents Apart - Susan Cornnell

The Era of Van Cliburn: Musical Phenomenon in the Midst of Cold War - Betty Blair

16 Special Olympic World Games: Azerbaijan's Team Comes to the US - Markanthony Izzo

Dancing & Drumming Again: Aberdeen International Youth Festival - Susan Glendenning

Connecting Through Collecting: Azerbaijan's Philatelic Society - Yusif Valiyev

"Birds of Peace": Keeping Pigeons in Azerbaijan - Judith Scott

Kasparov, the World's Chess Champion: Ten Years and Counting? - Anne Kressler

Computer Challenges World Champion: IBM's "Deep Blue" to Play Garry Kasparov - Marcus Hopkins

Behind Soviet Aeronautics from Sputnik to Mir: Interview with General Karim Karimov - Betty Blair. Azeri (Latin) translation, page 40.

44 SOCAR Section

President Natig Aliev, SOCAR's President

AIOC - So Far, Right on Track - Einar Bergh

SOCAR Section: Azerbaijan and Norway: Parallels - Stoltenberg, Norwegian Minister of Energy

SOCAR Section: Statoil in Azerbaijan - Jon Nic. Vold, Executive VP of Statoil

Getting Azerbaijan Oil to the International Market: A Turkish Perspective - Necdet Pamir

56 Environmental Risks of Oil Transportation Through the Bosphorus - Marcus Hopkins

Doing Business in Azerbaijan: The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Trade - Zaur Nazarly

60 Consumer's World Map: Advertisers Intrigued with Azerbaijan Mystique - Anne Kresler

Diplomatic Interview: Paolo Lembo - United Nation's Development Program Proposal for Sumgayit to become a Free Economic Zone

64 Children's Games Build Bridges: International Women's Club Reaches Out - Anne Kressler

Trapped in Pursuit of Re-Election: US Congress Denies Azerbaijan Humanitarian Aid - Arif Rustamov

The Making of A Democracy - Azerbaijan to Adopt New Constitution, November 1995 - Amiraqizi

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature (5); Mirza Mahammad Ali Tarbiyat and "Scholars of Azerbaijan" - Abulfazl Bahadori

Celebrating the 110th Anniversary of Composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov - Anar, Ramazan Khalilov

78 The Azerbaijan National Hymn - Music: Uzeyir Hajibeyov; Lyrics: Javad; Arrangement: A. Kasimoglu

Business Review: Hyatt Regency Comes to Baku - Judith Scott

In Search of a Magical "Jinni": Azerbaijan Poster Contest - Anne Kressler

Azerbaijan In Transition: Friends Strengthen Azerbaijan's Arts - Anne Kauzlarich

From Azerbaijan International (3.3) Autumn 1995.
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