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Synthesis of East & West
Winter 1994 (AI 2.4)

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Front Cover: Azerbaijan is located between what is generally identified as East and West, which makes it a regional melting pot and provides it with a rich heritage of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural diversity. Azerbaijan is neither East nor West but rather a unique synthesis of both worlds. Design by Pirouz Khanlou.

Back Cover: Haji Zeynalabedin Taghiyev (1823-1924) one of the most philanthropic of the oil barons in Baku of last century. Here he poses with his family in their residence which was converted into a history museum during the Soviet Period. Photo Courtesy by Mrs. Zuleykha Weber, a descendent of the daughter, Leyla, who is playing the piano in the photo.

Azerbaijanis can neither be defined as totally Eastern, nor totally Western, but a rich synthesis of both. We describe the openness of Azerbaijanis to the West. Special emphasis on "Contract of the Century" that SOCAR (Azerbaijan's State Oil Company) has signed with one of the world's largest oil consortiums presently composed of eleven international oil companies.

Check out our Photo Essay,
"Baku's Architecture: A Fusion of East and West," and our interview with Lotfi Zadeh, born in Baku and inventor of "Fuzzy Logic," which enables control systems to deal with the synthesis of categories, the "grays," not just "black" and "white."

2 Reader's Forum

5 Editorial: Synthesis of East and West

7 Interview: President Heydar Aliyev: "Oil Contract of the Century" - Betty Blair

Azerbaijan and the Ominous Rumblings over Russia's "Near Abroad" - Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr. and Elshan Alakbarov

13 Business Profile - Delta Nimir Khazar Ltd (DNKL)

Baku Diary: Inching Towards the West - Susan Cornnell

Architecture: Fusion of East and West - Pirouz Khanlou

25 SOCAR Section

The Oil Contract: Anticipating the Future - Natig Aliyev

Azerbaijan's "Contract of the Century" Finally Signed with Western Oil Consortium - Nasser Sagheb and Masoud Javadi

Chronology of the Oil Contract with the Western Consortium

The Status of the Caspian - Khoshbakht Yusifzade

State-of-the-Art Technology Transfer: Chevron / SOCAR Story

34 Trailblazer in Pursuit of Oil: Re-opening of Azerbaijan to the West - Anne Kressler

Legacy of the Oil Barons, Part 3: Baku's Wedding Palace - Fuad Akhundov

Doing Business in Azerbaijan: Most Frequently Asked Questions - Alum Bati

Diplomatic Interview: Chinese Ambassador Sya Shuyun - Svetlana Turyalay

Journey of Halves: Between Two Worlds - Arzu Samadova

Interview: Lotfi Zadeh and Fuzzy Logic Theory - Betty Blair

Short Biographical Sketch - Lotfi Zadeh (Creator of Fuzzy Logic)

54 Interview: Ali Salimi, Composer. Putting Memories to Music, "Ayriliq" - Pirouz Khanlou (Azeri Version in Latin on page 58)

Excerpts from Aliyev's UN Speech

63 President Aliyev's Press Conference at the UN, September 29, 1994

66 UNHCR: Humanitarian Relief in Azerbaijan: An Assessment Two Years Later - Kaiser Zaman with Susan Cornnell

69 Iranian Refugee Camps under New Sponsorship

When Bureaucracy Keeps Water from Children: Private American Relief Efforts for Azerbaijani Refugees are Stymied by a US Regulation - Jane Olson

72 Baku Node Project - Dr. Jim Brown
UCLA Summer Azeri Language Course
Edmonds Community College (Washington) Brings Azerbaijani Students to Seattle

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature (2): Dr. Golam Husein Sa'edi's Samad and Azerbaijani Language (Azeri Written in Arabic Script) - Abulfazl Bahadori

Glimpses from the Past: The Sealed Provinces of the Czar - M. M. Shoemaker (1895)

79 Directory: Organizations Related to AzerbaijanFrom Azerbaijan International (2.4) Winter 1994.

From Azerbaijan International (2.4) Winter 1994.
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