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Environmental Challenges
Fixing the Future
Autumn 1994 (AI 2.3)

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Front cover: Oil spilled on the ground. Photo by Oleg Litvin.

Back cover: A Child's Perception of War by Aysel Jahangirova, 13. Note the tanks and missiles on the shoulders of the grieving woman.

For the first time in history, an English-language publication dedicates an entire issue to the ecological problems of Azerbaijan. Major environmental problems are identified, beginning with the lack of a safe water supply, to oil pollution, deforestation, chemical emission from factories, the rising level of the Caspian Sea and more. See "Overview" for ten major areas of environmental concerns.

2 Reader's Forum

5 Editorial: Environmental Challenge: Fixing the Future

8 Overview: Major Environmental Issues in Azerbaijan - Dr. Gareth Davies and Dr. Hassan Amini

Legacy of the Oil Barons, Part II. The "Greening" of Baku by the Nobel Brothers - Fuad Akhundov

Perennial Water Shortages in Baku - Betty Blair

15 Water Rehabilitation Project in Baku - Fred Fernandez

Baku Diary: The Spirit of Conservation: Plastic Bags, A Way of Life - Susan Cornnell

18 SOCAR Section: Current Developments of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic

24 Capturing Vented Gas: Azerbaijan Begins Major Project that Affects Global Warming - David W. Dunn and Daniel B. Isenhower

Sumgayit: Soviet's Pride / Azerbaijan's Hell - Arif Islamzade

28 Map of Environmental Issues Facing Azerbaijan - Environment and Resource Technology (Scotland)

29 Satellite Map of Azerbaijan

Centenarians in Azerbaijan: Heredity as Stored Environment - Chingiz Gasimov, Ulduz Hashimova, Arif Abbasov and Attiga Ismayilova

Measuring the Effect of Pollution in Palm Prints: Asymmetrical Dermatoglyphics and the Environment - Mark Hopkins

Diplomatic Interview French Ambassador: Jean Perrin - Svetlana Turyalay

38 Russia's Bad-Neighbor Policy - Ambassador Richard L. Armitage & Frederic C. Hoff

40 Russia Tests the US in Azerbaijan - Rob Sobhani

41 UN Humanitarian Aid to the Caucasus. US Percentages

43 Armenia's Nuclear Plant: Deep Concern to Azerbaijan and Neighboring Countries - Mark Hopkins

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature: Back to the Roots - Dr. Golam Husein Sa'edi with Introduction and Translation in Azeri (Arabic) by Abulfazl Bahadori

The Caspian Sea: Hydrobiological Survey of the Chirag Oilfield Area - Liz Ireland

Fluctuating Levels of the Caspian Sea - Mirzakhan Mansimov and Amir Aliyev

Caspian Caviar in Peril - Masoud Javadi and Nasser Sagheb

When a Tree isn't a Tree: The Topkhana Demonstrations of 1988 - Azar Panahli

Impact of the War on the Environment - Elchin Hajiyev and Svetlana Turyalay

Educational Relief: A New Imperative in Azerbaijan - Val D. Rust

The Spirit of Johnny Appleseed: UNHCR Gives Seeds to Refugees - Kaiser Zaman

60 Families in Flight - Jane Olson

The Magic of the Children's Marionette Theater: Conserving the Culture - Betty Blair (Azeri Version in Latin on page 62)

The Cloth Peddler (Arshin Mal Alan)

68 Azerbaijan Today: Poster Contest Reflects Soul of Nation - Anne Kressler

70 Education

Children's Art: Perception of War Depicts a Society in Deep Grief - Anne Kressler

Environmental Disasters of the Past: The Great Oil Spouters of Baku - J. D. Henry

78 Azerbaijan Directory

Azerbaijan International (2.3) Autumn 1994.
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