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Alphabet in Transition
Autumn 1993 (AI 1.3)

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Front Cover: Alphabet Transition from Cyrillic to Latin. Design - Pirouz Khanlou

Back Cover: City scape in "Ichari Shahar" (Inner City) Baku. Photo - Pirouz Khanlou

In December 1991, Azerbaijan's Parliament officially adopted a new Latin-based alphabet to replace Cyrillic. It was one of their first official moves to disassociate themselves with the former Soviet Union. Read about the complexities a nation faces when adopting a new script.

Check out the difficulties of designing an alphabet for computers and satellites in
Editor's Nightmare: The Upside-Down 'e.' This is the fourth time this century that Azerbaijan has modified its alphabet.

4 Editorial - Betty Blair

Baku Diary: Discovering Baku - Susan Cornnell

7 Visas for Azerbaijan

Reader's Forum - "Where is Azerbaijan?" Doonesbury (comic strip) - G.B. Trudeau

Alphabet in the Boiling Pot of Politics - Abulfazl Bahadori

Why I Don't Know Azerbaijani - Natasha Trishkova

Why I Had to Learn Russian - Azar Mammad

Dissolution of the Soviet Union: The Question of Alphabet Reform for the Turkic Republics - Dr. András Bodrogligeti

A Comparison of Modern Azeri with Modern Turkish - Dr. Kurtulus Öztopçu (PDF file, 104 k)

Azerbaijani: Language of a Divided Nation: The Differences Between the North and South - Habib Azarsina and Naida Mamedova (PDF file, 76 k)

22 Ambassador Seeks US Pressure Against Armenian Aggression
(Letter to Secretary of State Warren Christopher) - Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev

23 War in the Caucasus and the Resulting Refugees - Nagorno-Karabakh War Spirals Citizens into Misery: National Public Radio - Mike Shuster

24 Azerbaijan's Ambassador to UN Pleas with International Community
to Halt Armenian Aggression - Ambassador to U.N.- Hassan Hassanov

25 UN Resolution 853 (1993): Regarding the Armenian / Azerbaijani Confict, UN Security Council, July 29, 1993

26 Open Letter: The MacNeil / Lehrer Report - Azeri-American Community in Washington, D.C.

Television Interview: Heydar Aliyev, July 6, 1993

28 Remembering Shahriyar: "Greetings, Heydar Baba" - English Translation of poem: Dr. Hassan Javadi. In Azeri Latin, page 29.

Interview: Azerbaijani Cinema - Rasim Ojagov - (In English) Pirouz Khanlou

31 (In Azeri Latin)

History of Azerbaijani Publications in Southern Azerbaijan (Part 3)
(Azeri in Arabic Script) - Dr. Hassan Javadi and Abulfazl Bahadori

37 Edinborough Youth Festival

Azeri Alphabet: The Upside-Down "e": An Editor's Nightmare - Betty Blair

42 Directory of Azerbaijani Organizations

Azerbaijan International (1.3) September 1993
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